Improve your breathing to regain your health

Clinical research has shown that faulty breathing such as Hyperventilation, over time can lead to ill-health and is a major precursor to many chronic illnesses such as:

Asthma Emphysema
Anxiety, Stress & Depression COPD
Insomnia or Sleep Apnoea, Chronic Bronchitis
Hay fever and allergies Rhinitis
Digestive and bowel disorders Chronic fatigue

Many of these chronic illnesses can be significantly improved if the sufferer learns how to improve their breathing. The benefits of better breathing include:

  1. Better overall health,
  2. Fewer symptoms and
  3. A reduced need to take medication.

The Good news is that poor breathing techniques can be reversed and symptoms caused by faulty breathing reduced by re-learning how to breathe! So if you suffer from any of the conditions listed above, or indeed others, learning a few simple breathing techniques and strategies will give you a better state of health and improve your quality of life from day one.

Need proof?

Many clinical studies undertaken all over the world have proved that effective nose breathing dramatically reduces the symptoms of many chronic illnesses, especially Asthma, and the patient’s reliance on medication. Please visit our Clinical Research page and our Testimonials page to hear from happy patients and read about successful clinical studies carried out on conventional treatments versus the Butekyo Method all over the world.

How does it work?

For information on what happens to your body and the course format, read more…

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